Announcing Houndrace Mainnet Launch Airdrop — 50 Houndrace NFTs + $500 USDT

1 min readOct 30, 2022


Hello Houndracers! 🏁 We are excited to let you know that with our mainnnet launch that will take place on the 4th of november, we will be starting our biggest airdrop campaign so far for our amazing community!

We have prepared for you 50 Houndrace NFTs and $500 USDT as total prizes.

Join today and spread the word about Houndrace. Let’s go! 👑

How to Join

You can join the airdrop here:

The winners will be announced on Saturday 12 Nov 2022

Prize Distribution

🏆 1st Place: 5 Houndrace NFTs + $90 in USDT

🏆 2nd Place: 4 Houndrace NFTs + $50 in USDT

🏆 3rd Place: 3 Houndrace NFTs + $30 in USDT

🏆 4th Place to 9th Place: 2 Houndrace NFTs+ $10 in USDT

🏆 10th Place to 38th Place: 1 Houndrace NFT + $10 in USDT

Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay in touch — follow us on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and Discord.




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