Announcing Houndrace x Unstoppable Domains Partnership

2 min readDec 13, 2022


We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Unstoppable Domains! Together with the UD team, we have prepared some amazing surprizes for the Unstoppable community. 🏁

Unstoppable Domain Integration

Starting from today, Unstoppable Domains users that have their UD NFT connected with Metamask will be able to see their domain address directly in the Houndrace Dapp. In the future they will also be able to see their UD address inside the race simulation.

Unstoppable Skins

We have created a limited and rare batch of Unstoppable Domains skinned Houndrace NFTs that users can enjoy on races in our dapp. The NFTs will be distributed during a community event on the UD discord in the following days.

Race and Become Unstoppable

We have also created a custom branded arena for the UD hound owners where players can enter and earn some amazing prizes.

Stay Tuned!

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