Announcing the Crypto Fight Club X Houndrace Partnership

We are stoked to announce our new partnership with CFC!

Over the past months, we began expanding our borders as Houndrace to bring new innovations and opportunities to our community.

Having the Testnet running, our testers engaging and great community as one of the main focus of our strategy, and so many upcoming Partnerships are on the way, so we gotta say the multi asset environment experience of Houndrace is soon here !

Multi Asset Environment experience

With great pleasure, we’d like to officially announce our first collaboration with Crypto Fight Club which will bring custom arenas and skins into both ecosystem.

With this feature our aim is to create an open environment and create more utility for the entire NFT space by offering exclusive access to our ecosystem.

Quick overview:

  • Crypto Fight Club NFT owners will be able to join special races with their own CFC NFTs
  • There will be custom branded CFC Arenas inside Houndrace
  • We will offer special CFC skins for limited Houndrace hound editions

All holders of Crypto Fight Club NFTs will get access to exclusive Arenas and Skins for the hounds in game and will be able to play in game with their own CFC NFT.

We are very happy to enter yet another partnership with a strong P2E project in this space that is continuously building, evolving and caring for its community!

As part of this partnership, we are currently exploring further synergies between our projects — more infos on this soon!

About Crypto Fight Club

Crypto Fight Club (CFC) is a play-to-earn game. The original sketch of the business had been curated to follow suit with the genesis ideology of crypto, whilst creating exciting game models for anyone to play and earn. With this mindset, the goal is to embed the true form factors of decentralization and putting the power back into the people’s hands. It’s time to fight for your right to take ownership.

Utilitarian product models (ironic) blended with eccentric designs are powerful. Making the most out of existing blockchain technology, Crypto Fight Club has designed a series of useful, well-designed products to aid the future fighter in their adventure into crypto. From decentralized and transferrable NFT-time-deposits that generate APY and evolve your character to advantageous play-to-earn game models; this platform provides a well-established hub for those hunting for the true crypto experience.

Find all the Official links here:

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