Announcing the expand of the Houndrace tester program

From today we offer to everyone a free testnet NFT hound!💥

Every journey starts somewhere.

Your journey as a Houndrace tester starts in our Discord where you can apply for becoming a tester by opening the support ticket and adding ERC-20 wallet address, this is the one and only gateway to the Houndrace Arenas.

Come and join if you dare.

Till now the test hound NFTs were given for community members who had special roles in our server in order to immerse in the game and help us with feedback on the racing and breeding features of Houndrace.

💥From today we give every community member a free testnet NFT hound!

As we steam ahead towards the production release, we feel that being as transparent as possible is critical to optimizing the value of our product for our community.

The purpose of this release is to collect feedback from our users on the racing and breeding features in a dynamic way and get the community fully involved in the development process.

How to apply for access the Houndrace testnet?

In order to get access to the game you have conform to the following steps.

  1. 💥Open a support ticket on discord and add your ERC-20 wallet address, so we can send your test NFTs and test Ether. Once you do submit your wallet address, please be patient, and we’ll have further updates for you in few hours!
  2. 💥You will also recieve a Houndrace Tester Role, and will be invited to join the Houndrace tester channel on our server.
  3. 💥Visit the following link:
  4. 💥Log in with your Metamask to the game and choose the Rinkeby Test Network. Here are the 3 steps to make it happen!
  5. 💥Wait till we send you the test NFTs and test Ether and start racing your hound!🐕

Prepare to Mint

Check what’s coming next and join our new Airdrop Event!

Join the Airdrop:

If you already have a Houndrace test NFT💥

Wait for our NFT Drops!!

While traditional gaming is fun, our blockchain platform allows a true ownership of all digital assets you acquire in the game.

Do you have already a Houndrace test NFT?

Stay tuned for the minting event!

When we mint the hounds and you buy one, it is yours forever until you sell it or rent it.

Did you win a skin, a hound or some traits-enhancement in an NFT drop? It’s only yours.

Oh yeah, there will be several NFT drops on a regular basis that are going to be a lot of fun.

Seeya soon in the Arena!

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay in touch — follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.



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NFT Hound Racing game built on the @0xpolygon blockchain. Join our frenly #houndverse today!🚀wuff