Announcing the Race and Win Every Day Airdrop Event — 50 Free Mints & $500 Available for Our Community

1 min readDec 9, 2022


Howdy Houndracers! 🏁 After our successful mainnet launch on Polygon we are excited to announce our post-launch airdrop with 50 Free Mints and $500 in ETH that are available to our community!

Join today and spread the word about Houndrace. Let’s go!

How to Join

Join our gleam campaign and complete tasks here:

Prize Distribution

🏆 1st Place: 1 Houndrace NFT + $90 in USDT

🏆 2nd Place: 1 Houndrace NFT + $50 in USDT

🏆 3rd Place: 1 Houndrace NFT + $30 in USDT

🏆 4th Place to 9th Place: 1 Houndrace NFTs+ $10 in USDT

🏆 10th Place to 38th Place: 1 Houndrace NFT + $10 in USDT

🏆 39th Place to 50th Place: 1 Houndrace NFT

Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay in touch — follow us on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and Discord.




NFT Hound Racing game built on the @0xpolygon blockchain. Join our frenly #houndverse today!🚀wuff