Announcing the Prepare to Mint Airdrop Event Winners

2 min readSep 20, 2022


We are pleased to announce that our Airdrop to celebrate the upcoming minting event of Houndrace has now ended!

Hello everyone,

We have the 10 winners of the Prepare to Mint Airdrop event!🥁

The Airdrop we did this September for the Houndrace community will forever be remembered on this journey. It also serves as a start to get the Community engaged and included as we continue pushing forward.

Last Friday at 23:59 the campaign ended successfully over 370k entries.👀

All in all there were 376 515 entries at the campaign!

Seeing this success gives us additional motivation and thrill about what the future holds for our minting event.

There were also 7954 invalid actions taken in the campaign. Houps! Even though these actions will not be rewarded and do not help the project, the number is still so great we can’t help but feel a little bit flattered by the hight amount.

Check the names of our winners below.🏆

The competition winners are:

  1. Prize: Free mint & $50:
  2. Prize: Free mint & $50:
  3. Prize: Free mint & $50:
  4. Prize: Whitelist& $50:
  5. Prize: Whitelist& $50:

6. Prize: Whitelist& $50:

7. Prize: $50:

8. Prize: $5:

9. Prize: $50:

10. Prize: $50:

Stay tuned for the Minting event in October!

How to get your prize

Please open a support ticket on Discord, send us your ERC-20 wallet address and the details of the prize you won so we will send your prize.

You have 10 days to claim your rewards!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay in touch — follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.




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