Houndrace Community Update #15

3 min readOct 21, 2022


Hey y’all,

Yet another week has passed, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s later this month. During this week our team was working hard to make sure the Mainnet Launch will happen in these next weeks🦾

We have new improvements for the current app, and we are preparing also some bigger update for the begging of next week!

But first thing’s first! Thank you guys and Houndrace testers for being with us in these turbulent times, we appreciate it a lot!

So let’s get started right now!

A we are getting closer to the Mainnet launch of the game the team is preparing the NFTs for Opensea with full power.

Let’s see some Houndrace NFTs you can buy very soon!

As you know they will arrive in Lootboxes so it will be a magical surprise which one you will receive exactly.

We will announce exact dates and details during the next month.

Tester Program

From last month on, we offer to everyone a free testnet NFT hound!💥

We invite you to immerse in the game and help us with feedback on the racing and breeding features of Houndrace. As you may know in this Testnet you can test the basic aspects of the game: join race, breed, marketplace breed.

So many of our testers “got lost” after we switched to the Mumbai test network so in case you did not receive a new test NFT, please get in contact with us on Discord!

Greatest sneak peeks of the week

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