Houndrace Community Update #14

Let’s see what’s happening behind the scenes.🎬

Hello everyone,

We’re back with some more electrifying news⚡

First of all thank you for your awesome support towards our project in these turbulent times!

For now, we have prepared some great news so you’ll know exactly what happened during the last week and will be happening in the next days in the Houndverse.🔥

This Week

We shared this week our latest Product Update!

Check it here:

Completed in this Sprint

  • upgraded to a new contracts version that will have better data handling and improved stability
  • Added a sticky horizontal scroll on Race page for better viewing the races info
  • improved user notifications
  • bug hunting and deploying fixes
  • adding more filtering options and rearranging the elements on the pages to be more intuitive

Last week

Join us on Mumbai

As we are getting closer to the Mainnet launch we switched our testnet to Polygon and currently operating our app on Mumbai testnetwork!🎉

All our testers will receive 1 free NFT hound automatically.

All you need to do is to open a ticket and send us your ERC-20 Wallet address, so we can send you the NFT.

In order to enter the race you will need Matic (test token) to pay the entry fees.

You can request it for free below!

Mine some MATIC tokens and start racing!🔗 https://mumbaifaucet.com/

Second Houndrace Meme Competition extended

Our second Official Meme Competition has just started yesterday, so get your photoshop skills ready, put some tunes on, look at our #leaks-and-peaks channel for inspo, download our images — and make your memes! and upload your memes to our Discord!

Houndrace Meme Competition #2

The Houndrace team will be giving out prizes to 3 winners!

Date: 08/09/2022–20/10/2022

Inspiration topic: “ The moment I saw the first Houndrace NFT”

Competition location: Houndrace Discord


🏆1st prize: 1 Free Mint

🏆2nd prize: $10 + 1 Whitelist

🏆3rd prize: $10 + 1 Whitelist

We can’t wait to feast our eyes on your magnificent creations! Join Houndrace’s Discord server today to enter the competition! The results for the winners will be announced 1–2 working days after the event ends.

In case you missed the winners of our latest Airdrop event

Read more here:

What’s next ?

We are getting closer to the Mainnet Launch, and from the end of October you will enjoy the racing and breeding features of the game, and most importantly the earning possibilities and so much more!

What’s Next for Houndrace:

  • New design updates are coming to the page
  • The Houndrace minting event scheduled for the end of October
  • We have some amazing partnerships prepared to be announced
  • New teaser and demo videos are on the way

Stay in the loop with us!

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