Houndrace Community Update #16

3 min readOct 28, 2022


Waddup fam,

One week has passed since our last community update where we covered the main changes of the App and our new UI updates for the game. And the change from Rinkeby test network to the Polygon test network, Mumbai. This week so much happened so it’s hard to press in one blog but we will try!

But first thing’s first! Thanks for following our project, we appreciate it a lot!🔥

Let’s see how the Houndrace team is doing in these days!

New dev updates from our team:

  • Fixing the unenqueue of the hounds in case there is more participant than 50
  • New UI changes in the racing section
  • Preparing the NFTs for Opensea
  • Bug fixes
  • Wiping the database and running tests on the new version
  • Setting up the Lootbox claim page where the NFTs can be bought by anyone
  • Fixing the cooldown time of the doggos after breeding and racing
  • Adding the “Mint Stamina” count in the hounds page
  • Testing the race with 12 hounds in the arena

Let’s see some Houndrace NFTs you can buy very soon!

As you know they will arrive in Lootboxes so it will be a mysterious surprise which one will be your champion.

Most NFTs allow you to buy and trade them to make money, but Houndrace allows you to earn money on your NFT by racing or mining them.

We love unique hounds so when you mint/ breed them, each offspring will have unique traits after breeding.🔥

Stay tuned for the sneak peeks

New arenas are on the way so keep an eye on our Discord!

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