Houndrace Community Update #4

Let’s take a look back at some of the major announcements and updates from to the Houndrace ecosystem during this week with a Community Update #4 blog.

Hello Houndarce Community,

How has your Summer been so far? Have any fun trips planned?

We hope all of you had a fun week with less stress! It’s already the weekend so we will just make a quick update for you to make sure that you know exactly how is the project is evolving and what progress is made by our developer team.

Let’s jump in it right now!

Testnet Updates

First of all we are thankful that our testers are constantly joining the new races on our Testnet and this way everyone has the option to try our how the race feature of the game. We are glad that our community is fully involved in the development process.

Currently we have 100+ active testers , 40+ finished races, and 30+ new bred hounds in the game!💥

Let’s see what’s going on in the Mercury Race!
You can watch the live races any time!

Our team is constantly working on the discovered bugs, and the most current problems, so participants can join again fluently to any race.

If you have any questions or are looking to move forward with some issues, don’t hesitate to write in the private #tester channel or in the public #suggestions channel on our Discord.

Good news that, The Test Hound NFTs are constantly distributed to our most active Discord members!💥

So don’t give up! If you haven’t received any till now, the next one will come to you!

All you need to know about the application process is in our previous blog!

UI Updates are coming!

As you know from our previous community blog we are working on some new UI and usability improvements for our game client, so the new version can be launched with a brand new look! For now we would be glad to have your feedback about which font would fit more for the Houndrace vibe.

Check the options below and leave your feedback on our Discord!

Option 1
Oprion 2

What’s next ?

Lots of Lots of Sneak peeks!

Tell us your feedback!

1. 3D Simulation of the game

The team is still working hard to make it live! So we can’t wait to share with you the next update, where will make available the 3D simulation of the game!⁠

Till then have a look at one of our teaser!

2. Breending updates

Isn’t breeding new hounds your favourite feature? Good news that the team is currently working on the game client and constantly improving the breeding and racing features of our Testnet. Soon we can provide a more significant update in 1–2 weeks!

3. Houndraec QUIZ #4

Will be announced soon in our Discord!

4. Naming Contest

We are planning a Houndrace Naming Contest on our Discord , so prepare your secret names for the hounds because you will get rewarded by our team if your ‘hound’s name’ spark our interest!

3. We are also preparing a bigger update which we can share with all of you during the next week!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay in touch — follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.



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