Houndrace Community Update #7

Hey Houndrace Community

First of all we want to say thanks to all of you who has taken part in our journey since our ALPHA launch. We couldn’t do this without you, and we are beyond humbled and grateful for your never-ending support.🔥

Going forward, we have posted a larger announcement here on our blog. We launched Alpha Dune — the new home of the Stater, Houndrace and Alpha Dune Community. It brings together people and ideas from both our Stater and Houndrace communities.

We started Alpha Dune because we wanted to integrate the entire ecosystem of projects inside the same governance and community umbrella.

If you want more ongoing communication from our team we invite you to join our new Discord.

Major updates:

  1. ALPHA DUNE Launch and Community Change
  2. Alpha Dune Launch Airdrop Event
  3. Testnet Updates
  4. Developments
  5. Greatest sneak peeks of the week

Alpha Dune Community Change

From now on the Houndarce and Stater communities are merged into one as Alpha Dune!❤️‍🔥

Starting from last week, our ecosystem will be under one big family and discord community. The current Houndrace discord server will have a fresh new name change to “Alpha Dune (Houndrace & Stater Hub)” and the more valuable channels from Stater Discord will be integrated into Alpha Dune server.

How to get DUNE?

The first batch of DUNE tokens will be airdropped to the Stater and Houndrace token and NFT holders. The airdrop will take into consideration the asset that the user holds (NFT, token or both) and the total value. More info will be available before the distribution.

The airdrop will take place in the following months after the Houndrace Mainnet launch.

For more information, join our community and stay up to date!

Alpha Dune Launch Airdrop Event

We are beyond grateful for the immense support and appreciation you have shown us especially in the last weeks. We would like to show also some appreciation also towards our great community, so here it comes!

The Alpha Dune Launch Airdrop Event started on last Friday!

You can join our gleam contest with this link.

Good luck for everyone!

Testnet Updates

We have constant live races!

Join with your test NFTs daily and be in the top 3!💥


Many things have progressed over the following days, so we would like to update you on some of the significant developments that have been deployed.

We have reproduced:

  1. go to Race page
  2. go to Live tab
  3. observe some races from the list

As a result:

  1. some ended races have 0 participants and the “Join race” button active
  2. some ended races show 2 participants instead of 3

The Races Recoverer Mechanism is fixed

This is just the beginning…

Leaks and Peaks

Stay in the loop with us!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay in touch — follow us on Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram and Discord.



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