Houndrace Community Update #9

Hello fam,

From all of us here at Houndrace, we hope everyone is having a splendid summer time!

We dropped our new Teaser

Prepare for the minting event! All infos will come with our new blog during next week!🚀🚀🚀

Check this out!!👇

Together we’re building the greatest game in crypto!

Airdrop Event

Our Alpha Dune Launch Airdrop Event is closing today at 23:59 PM!

The Airdrop we did this summer for the Alpha Dune Launch will forever be remembered on this journey. It also serves as a start to get the Community engaged and included as we continue pushing forward.

Whatever happens in these last hours of the event, we are truly blown away by the attraction of the campaign, because the current number of the entires is-

The prize pool consisted of 170 000 $STR, 5 Houndrace Free Mints, and 5 Houndrace Whitelists, which will be distributed to the 10 lucky winners announced the next days.

💥Thanks to everyone who has already joined the Alpha Dune Community!💥

Take the last chance and join the gleam campaign here.

You have 7 hours till the airdrop event closes!

Game Update

Since we launched our testnet, we have been heads-down, wired-in, deep development mode to ensure the best Houndrace experience possible.

Mind you, the Game App, the racing and breeding features are still in Alpha-mode and thus we are constantly reviewing your feedback, bug hunting and deploying fixes.

But that’s not all we do, we are also building for the future of Houndrace, which will revolve around an immersive gaming experience filled with rewards and additional exciting features that will keep you up gaming all night and day.

Completed in this Sprint:

  • Added a sticky horizontal scroll on Race page for better viewing the races info
  • Number of participants shows correctly
  • Unenqueue hound from a race where it’s been registered & not started yet
  • improved user notifications
  • improved UI on all pages
  • improved filtering

New design updates are coming to the page!

What’s next for Houndarce:

  • We will announce the winners of the Alpha Dune Airdrop event winners during the next days
  • We have some awesome partnerships prepared for you
  • The second meme competition is on the way
  • The Minting event & The Mainnet launch announcement will be shared with you during the next week
  • New Houndrace teaser is coming

Stay in the loop with us!

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