Houndrace Product Update #1

Dev updates from our team!

Waddup Houndrace Fam!

Are you hungry for some insights?

Here we come with the first integrated product update blog series! From now on you can have the latest updates on Houndrace, and development in the Product Updates.

Here’s what have been done during the pre sprint:

Product Updates:

  • improved queue edit & close mechanism on contracts
  • improved enqueue mechanism and bug fixing on enqueue
  • improved data sync between DB and contracts for enqueue and breed functions
  • implemented the function to render hound NFT based on better designs, per component
  • implemented the 2D race simulation mechanism and designs
  • improved UI by adding hound profile images on Race, Breed, Hounds pages
  • improved the logic of the function for breeding hounds by taking into account parents characteristics
  • improved UX by implementing notifications for successful breed and enqueue
  • improved breeding mechanism by factoring in gender trait
  • added genetic sequence checking function on contracts
  • improved Breed page UX by filtering out unbreedable hounds from the list
  • reduced the contracts’ by the code size for improved performance
  • implemented the basic functions and services for the 3D race simulation

What’s Next for Houndrace:

  • New design updates are coming to the page
  • The date of our minting even will be soon announced
  • We have some amazing partnerships prepared for you
  • New teaser and demo videos are on the way

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