Houndrace Product Update #2

Building the best game together!

Pawww yeah Houndversegang,

Welcome back to Houndrace Product Updates!

As we look forward to exciting updates on our app, we are making sure to implement the right updates for improvements so we can provide the best gaming experience.

But that’s not all we do, we are also building for the future of Houndrace, which will revolve around an immersive gaming experience filled with rewards and additional exciting features that will keep you up gaming all night and day.

Here is what we have been working on!

Product Updates:

  • improved Race page UX by displaying info about: race title, distance, arena, ran at date+time
  • improved Race page UX by displaying info about: race total pool prize, pool split for first 3 places, adding hound profile image in race details, ordering hounds by race time
  • improved joining a race UX by adding more appealing design elements
  • improved overall UX of the application by adding hound profile images on all pages
  • enhanced queue creation with rewards contract verification
  • implemented contracts mechanism for having breeding seasons
  • added new tabs on the Race page: My Races / Queues that displays races the user has joined and My Races / Races that display races the user has joined and also have started or ended already

What’s Next for Houndrace:

  • New design updates are coming to the page
  • The date of our minting even will be soon announced
  • We have some amazing partnerships prepared for you
  • New teaser and demo videos are on the way

Stay in the loop with us!

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