Houndrace Product Update #3

You’ve spoken… and we’ve listened.

Product Updates:

  • improved the 2D race simulation by adding a soundtrack & better UI for displaying the finish screen & improving the look-n-feel of the race
  • reduced the breeding maturity to 2 days
  • removed the running maturity limitation for newborn hounds
  • upgraded to a new contracts version that will improve stability and overall performance
  • improved overall UX by adding more detailed notifications for user actions (joining races, breeding, mounting)
  • added more filtering options for races (arena, participants, ticket price)
  • Race page UX improved by adding better designs to the Latest races carousel and displaying more information about the races on the cards
  • added the possibility to edit the pack name
  • improved the queue fee vs arena fee validation on the contracts
  • improved the feel of the 2D race simulation by normalizing the duration of the race and adding a global start
  • improved UI on Race, Breed, Hounds pages by adding more filtering options and rearranging the elements on the pages to be more intuitive
  • added the possibility to remove a hound after it joined a race, if the race has not started

What’s Next for Houndrace:

  • New design updates are coming to the page
  • The Houndrace minting event in October
  • We have some amazing partnerships prepared for you
  • New teaser and demo videos are on the way

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