Houndrace Product Update #4

Let’s see some cool insights!

Hello everyone,

Since we launched our Testnet, we have been heads-down, wired-in, deep development mode to ensure the best Houndrace experience possible.

Mind you, the Game App, the racing and breeding features are still in Alpha-mode and thus we are constantly reviewing your feedback, bug hunting and deploying fixes.

You may find sometimes some malfunctions but we’re continuously working on both debugging and improving it.

All for you, fellow Houndracers.

Completed in this Sprint

  • upgraded to a new contracts version that will have better data handling and improved stability
  • Added a sticky horizontal scroll on Race page for better viewing the races info
  • improved user notifications
  • bug hunting and deploying fixes
  • adding more filtering options and rearranging the elements on the pages to be more intuitive

What’s next for Houndrace

  • New design updates are coming to the page
  • The Houndrace minting event in the end of October
  • We have some amazing partnerships prepared for you
  • New demo videos are on the way

Together we’re building the greatest game in crypto!

Stay in the loop with us!

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