Houndrace Product Update #5

1 min readOct 13, 2022

Dev updates from our team!

Waddup Houndrace Fam!

Are you hungry for some insights?

Here we come with the fifth integrated product update! You may have noticed that our Testnet moved from the Rinkeby test network to Polygon (Mumbai) so in case you you missed the switch and have not received your hound NFT please contact us on Discord.

Here’s what have been done during our last sprint:

Product Updates:

  • various stability and bug fixing on contracts relating to hounds generation and race
  • Lootbox contracts and backend structure
  • improvements on app.houndrace UI
  • improvements for 2D and 3D simulations
  • switching to Polygon network (currently using Mumbai test network)
  • stamina refill feature on Hounds page
  • displaying boosts on Hound page
  • added queue cooldown period
  • improved overall security

Check our latest 3D simulation teaser!

What’s Next for Houndrace:

  • New design updates are coming to the page
  • The date of our minting event will be soon announced
  • We have some amazing partnerships prepared for you
  • New teaser and demo videos are on the way

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