Our Invite Contest has started on Discord

Do you want a Houndrace Whitelist?
Or how about a free mint? If so, keep reading!

Our invite contest has started!🏆 Read the highlights below, and if that’s not enough, keep reading for a deep dive!


  • Announcing our Invite Contest on Discord, a mini-game that rewards early participants in Houndrace.
  • Spread the word and help the Houndrace community grow. We are giving away free mints and whitelist spots for our best referrals starting from today!
  • Participate in raffles and earn special roles in our server!

How can I participate?

Use your Discord invite link and invite new people in our community. You can use the invite link to spread the word about our project on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube or any social media channel that you see it fits.

How to get rewarded?

  1. Earn a role for being a referral and helping the Houndrace community grow.

The following roles will apply:

🏆LVL 1 Referral Master — 20 invites

🏆LVL 2 Referral Master — 50 invites

🏆LVL 3 Referral Master — 80 invites

2. At each level stage, you will get access to special raffles and giveaways with more whitelist spots, free mints and other prizes that will be hold only for the users that have reached that level and have the roles.

The following prizes will apply:

🏁First 100 people to reach LVL 1 — will get 1 whitelist spot/each + participate in 1 raffle with 10 free mints/raffle

🏁First 100 people to reach LVL 2 — will automatically get 1 free mint/each + participate in 5 raffles with $100 prize/raffle

🏁First 100 people to reach LVL 3 — will automatically get 2 free mints/each + participate in 5 raffles with $100 prize/raffle

How can I check how many invites I have?

You can go in 🎰bot-commands chanel on Discord and use the /invites command on the Invite Tracker bot.

Join our Discord and become part of the #Houndverse !




NFT Hound Racing game built on the @0xpolygon blockchain. Join our frenly #houndverse today!🚀wuff

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NFT Hound Racing game built on the @0xpolygon blockchain. Join our frenly #houndverse today!🚀wuff

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