We are Live on Polygon Mainnet — Mint and Play Today

Mint & Race your winner in exciting arenas!

Houndrace NFTs

Mint a Hound NFT in 3 Steps

  1. Buy a Houndrace Mystery Box from Opensea. Houndrace Mystery Box collection is available here: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0xa9bd9d724312f3c905bf0b87e4fc00b91cd609eb/1

Play Houndrace

What’s Next

  • More arenas — we have a super nice set of arenas where our players can enjou the Houndrace experience.
  • More tokens — our game has been designes from the start with the idea of offering our users as many options as possible and we can’t wait to add more tokens as entry tickets and prizes in the future.
  • Special events — we will start rolling out special events and races with some nice rewards for our users this month.
  • Game and Mystery Box promotion — We will start promoting our game and mystery boxes after the launch.
  • Partnerships — We have some amazing partnerships in our pipeline with custom skins and arenas for our users.
  • Hound Potion launch — Stay tuned for the launch of our HPO token.
  • More chains — Houndrace will be available on more chains after the launch. Each chain represents a Realm where users can enjoy the Houndrace experience.

See you in the Arena!



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NFT Hound Racing game built on the @0xpolygon blockchain. Join our frenly #houndverse today!🚀wuff